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i had such a nice time in glasgow / glasgow zine fest last week! thank you to everyone who came and said hi and/or bought zines and stickers. and somehow i’ve come back with lots of new stuff in addition to the new stuff i got in for the zine fest and then also some zines arrived after i got home. so i have a massive distro update for you here! so many brand new zines and stuff that’s back in stock after having previously sold out, AND we also have new stickers!

NEW IN STOCK = diary comics, october – november 2018, different worlds, same heartbeats #14, hex it, mythologising me #14, mythologising me #15, one false move #2, one false move #3, one false move #4, one false move #5, scorpio moon #7, trauma castle #1, trauma castle #2, trauma castle #3, trauma castle #4.

BACK IN STOCK = bitter feels, different worlds, same heartbeats #12, different worlds, same heartbeats #13, light, light sleep #1, living the no maintenance lifestyle – a guide, mythologising me #10, mythologising me #11, scorpio moon #4, scorpio moon #6, the ballad of maxwell demon, working class queers #1.

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