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hi! exciting things! we are having a little crowdfunding fundraiser for an Actual Photocopier for the distro. i need about £412 for my dream printer (but to be honest if we don’t raise enough and i can’t afford the difference, i’m willing to settle for a cheaper one. they start from £195 but their ink costs are higher, and they won’t print b&w if a colour cartridge runs out.)

we have some cool rewards set up on the crowdfunder page like thank you stickers & postcards, custom portraits by me (tukru), distro vouchers, zines, and zine printing services.

the crowdfunder is at = i’m also going to be posting about this constantly on our twitter and occasionally on instagram and even facebook, and on my personal twitter and instagram and so on. even if you can’t afford to donate, i would appreciate you spreading the word and retweeting, liking and sharing my posts about it to spread the word (and beat the algorithms)

crowdfunder accepts “all major international credit/debit cards” and you don’t have to be in the UK to pledge (here’s their FAQ for supporters, if you have any concerns) but if you want to support us and can’t use the crowdfunder website, or just don’t want to use it, you can also send a donation via paypal, and you can still request one of the rewards. either send the ££ to (friends & family is preferred because fees but not required) or through any questions, email me (same address) use the contact form or use one of our social media platforms.

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