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long overdue update.

this is so embarrassing.. today i realised all the new stuff i got for and at northwest zinefest was still in my drafts, and i hadn’t actually ‘published’ any of the product pages! no wonder no one had bought any of the new stuff! jesus christ, what am i like? can i blame my absent mindedness on the crowdfunder and photocopier business?

NEW IN STOCK = in a certain light, midwifery quest, different worlds, same heartbeats #15, chubby legend badge, not a woman, not a man badge, rad, fat & non-binary badge, chubby legend sticker, don’t f*cking touch me sticker, rad fat and non-binary sticker, zinester knuckles sticker.
BACK IN STOCK = support trans lives badge

speaking of which, the photocopier is here! thank you so much for everyone who supported the crowdfunder and/or shared posts about it. we couldn’t have done it without you. i haven’t got the rewards sorted yet, but i will get to them soon, i promise <3

last but not least it’s our TENTH GODDAMN BIRTHDAY THIS MONTH! we’re making a birthday zine, please don’t forget submit something spooky for it. and better late than never, here’s a birthday discount code = get 10% off your order with the code VAMPIREHAG10 until november 13th (a month from today)

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