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hi we’re back from not doing much and then Weirdo Zine Fest Leeds and on the way we have picked up a lot of new stuff:

NEW IN STOCK: adventures in academia #1, adventures in academia #2, bucket of entrails #1, episode 2: the reweddening, fanzine ynfytyn #21, fanzine ynfytyn #26, fanzine ynfytyn #27 + #23.5 bundle, fanzine ynfytyn #29, fault and fracture #5, fibromyalgia, grrrl con 2017, midwifery quest, spoons zine, the tracks of my life, vampire hag 10th birthday zine, your pretty face is going straight to hell #27.

BACK IN STOCK: aspects of uranus, deadname #1, film photography 101, keep it clean, light light sleep #1, one false move #5, opinionated nobody #12 / fault and fracture #6 split.

UUSI VUOSI, UUDET KUJEET ~ (new year, new tricks) as we say back home in finland. i have a bunch of fancy plans for the year and i’m working on it, even though i’ve had a bit of a knock back with being made redundant from my day job and sadly zine stuff really does not pay the rent. i want to do maximum zine fest, and start offering zine printing services to other zinesters (still figuring out pricing etc, sorry) and just other craft things too. so keep your eye out for us. x

ps i don’t know if you noticed, but the NEW IN STOCK includes our 10th year birthday zine, finally. it has actually been done since before christmas, and listed on here but i just havent promoted it in anyway because.. i honestly don’t know why. but here it is! with orange covers (thought it kind of looks red, but the seller said orange!) 48 pages, with 8 of them in full colour, wow!

also i’ve gone and had a diddle with the website layout because i’m just never entirely happy with it (i miss the old days of just HTML when you could pretty easily alter website templates,  if you knew what you were looking for. i suppose it still probably is, but i just don’t know what i’m looking for or where to find it anymore.) but i think i’m pretty close now? if there’s any issues with the new layout, please let me know. that’s what twitter and the contact form is for (though most of the time the contact form mail is spam about working with instagram influencers  or SEO services that are just not relevant to a little old zine distro) also instagram and facebook, but i’m less likely to see messages on there for some reason…

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