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hi it’s been a while, but i’m here with you a small update of some new stickers, and a handful of new and back in stock zines <3 we’ve been open through most of the pandemic, par the months of september and october because i had to travel to finland for a family emergency (my mum died of surprise cancer, not covid etc) everything is very strange and terrible so i’ve been extra not great at keeping on top of things, which is ok (except when i do it according to my brain) but i’ve been slowly posting orders as i’ve got them the next time one of us has gone outside, because i’ve been using click & drop and printing the postage at home, so all i need to do is put the mail in a post box if it fits, and our orders are rarely so big they won’t fit in. i’ve been posting everything 1st class because i felt bad about the delay posting, but i doubt it makes that much difference to the speed of delivery at the moment so i’ve decided to change the postage to 2nd class to save a few pennies. as you might suspect, money is not abundant but thankfully c’s furlough + my uc pay the rent, bills & grub at the moment, and that’s nice. we’re surviving. hope you are too. x

NEW IN STOCK = growing and gardens #1, sad ghost pumpkin sticker, the diet starts never / baby yoda sticker, tooticky’s typewriter sticker

BACK IN STOCK = here. in my head #15, here. in my head #16, here. in my head #18, here. in my head #19, here. in my head #20, never kill a boy on the first date #1 – a buffy fanzine