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ok so we are already HALFWAY through april but better late than never. this month is glasgow zine fest month! obviously we can’t be doing zine festing in person, so glasgow zine library decided to make the zine fest online again this year, but instead of just the weekend, they made it THE WHOLE MONTH. and we’re there again because glasgow zine fest is one of the highlights of our year even if we can’t do it in person. they have a lot of online activities like workshops and panels and talks and stuff, + an online zine fair. you can see me have a big silly ramble on in a video on our zine fair page.

probably should have posted about the online zine fest before, but i guess i wanted to also have some new zines to share with you! and now i do!

ever since i got sexie lexie our crowdfunded laser printer / photocopier, i’ve been wanting to organise printing other people’s zines for the distro, but i’m a world class procrastinator and i wasn’t sure what would be the best way to do it, and i’ve finally sorted out half of that project and i have some new distro zines i print here at Vampire Hag HQ instead of getting the zinesters to make copies and send them in. i still pay the zinesters for their work, but a little less since i’m doing the hard work of printing, and they don’t have the printing costs. saves me the trouble of ordering more in when i run out 😀 it’s an especially handy arrangement with zines from outside UK. my first testers for this arrangement are Nina of Echo Publishing and Different Worlds Same Heartbeats and Alex Wrekk of Brainscan zine, Portland Button Works and Stolen Sharpie Revolution.

i also have a little fundraising print going on, because i need a new PROPER GOOD paper trimmer, since alex’s zines are formatted for US paper which is a different shape from our beloved A-series, so i have a bunch of excess paper to trim off the edges 🙁 i have a shitty little paper trimmer carl brought home from his charity shop but it’s so bad i rather use my scissors, and while scissors were fine for cutting my own zines, they’re no fun for trimming off 4cm from 18 sheets of paper just to make one zine D: so i drew my scissors and some of my favourite zining supplies (pens and spooky stampers) and made it into an A4 print you can buy for £5 to help my buy one. the paper trimmer i have my eye on is a Fiskars Surecut A4 Paper Trimmer and it’s £30. that means just six people have to buy the print.

NEW IN STOCK = brainscan #34, bring me my scissors A4 print, confined #1, confined #2, different worlds same heartbeats #17, scissors and chainsaws #2, yngwho?

BACK IN STOCK = brainscan #33, different worlds same heartbeats #14, different worlds same heartbeats #15