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hiya pals, i have some bad news. i’ve had to turn off shipping to EU / Europe for the time being due to the EU VAT changes etc that came into place on July 1st. it’s super confusing and it’s unclear if WooCommerce which i use to run this shop has signed up for IOSS which you apparently need for EU mail. i’ve got some personal stuff on my plate at the moment so i don’t have the mental capacity to properly look into it until the end of next week (after july 15th) i don’t even know if any of this applies to me because someone said books and magazines are exempt but who knows, and i rather play it safe until i know what i’m supposed to do. if anyone understands this / knows what’s up, please let me know (vampirehag at gmail dot com is the email, no reply guys though, please.) i might have to move the shop to etsy, just to make that simpler cos they do that VAT and IOSS codes for you, but the fees and a bunch of aesthetic issues. we’ll see.

in the meantime, you can sign up for our mailing list, i will definitely send out an update on there when i figure things out. as well as any other BIG NEWS, so i definitely won’t be clogging up your inbox lol. i’m working on a bunch of new stuff though, so there will be news soon, I SWEAR.