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as you may know we had to recently turn off eu postage while figuring out how to deal with changes to EU import VAT and IOSS blah blah blah. well, sadly i still don’t know how to do the IOSS / VAT thing without moving the shop to a platform that’s already registered for it, like etsy. and i don’t like etsy due to the fees + doing accurate postage is impossible on there for orders of more than one item, i’d rather not.

i’ve spoken to some other UK small businesses and fellow distro’s about it and asked how they’re dealing with it and have come to the conclusion to just not do it? apparently that’s an option. however from now on EU customers will be liable for any VAT and handling charges on their order. i have sent some mail to EU countries and so far there haven’t been any fees? i wish there was a better solution but apparently not. but anyway EU shipping is available again if you wish to be a guinea pig 😀 if there are lots of issues, i might end up opening an etsy shop for the distro with limited stock in the future but we’ll see.

i’ve put added a note about the vat situation to the mainpage AND the top of the shopping basket page so hopefully it won’t be a surprise to anyone?

DEAR EU CUSTOMERS: due to recent EU import VAT changes, customers from the EU will be liable for VAT and handling charges on all orders when they enter their destination country. by ordering from us your accept responsibility for these charges.