who / what is vampire hag distro??!

tukru tabling at Weirdo Zine Fest Leeds 2020.

vampire hag is a full size zine distro run by me, tukru, and we’re based in chatham, kent in southern england. the distro was started one fine wednesday afternoon in early may of 2009 while trying to find new jeans for my partner carl with no success. i was jokingly toying with the idea and carl thought it was a good idea. we started the distro because there are so many amazing zines around but not enough distros, especially on this side of the pond. the distro was originally called vampire sushi after a song by old time relijun, but i changed it in the beginning of 2019 to vampire hag. i had been thinking about changing it for probably 2 years because it had not felt right for a while, and also it didn’t seem right since i’m a white european person who doesn’t even eat sushi. but it took me a long time to do it because i didn’t know what the new name should be, and i was worried about the logistics of changing the name and potentially losing all the hard work i had been putting into the distro under the old name and i would have to start from the beginning again. but then vampire hag came to me, and the rest is history ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

we’ve been officially open for business since halloween 2009. selling zines online + tabling at as many zine events and things as possible, like london zine symposium, brighton zine fest, girl germs club nights, girls get busy zine fest, south east london zine fest, bristol radical zine fair, ladyfest eastlondon, leeds zine fair, sheffield zine fest, northwest zine fest, weirdo zine fest, glasgow zine fest, rochester literature festival garden party and many more as well as occasionally running zine making workshops in medway and that time at Southbank Centre in London.


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