BIKINI KILL IS BACK for a few reunion gigs, and the only reasonable response is to make a zine!
WE WANT EVERYTHING = memories, stories, CRITIQUES, art, comix, whatever. whether you’re going or not. you can email them to or ask me for a mailing address to send physical submissions to, if that’s what you prefer! or you can even use the contact form. the zine will be half size / A5, and black & white, and all contributors will get a free pdf and/or a heavily discounted print copy. (sadly i doubt we can afford free copies for everyone due to printing costs + postage, especially if it’s overseas)

i kind of want to make an issue before the gigs and another after them if there’s enough material/submissions, so the deadlines are MAY 31st and JULY 31st 2019

OOPS life got in the way of deadlines, but we’re back in biz and the new deadline is MARCH 31st 2020!

UPDATE FROM MAY 20th: we’ve have couple of submissions so far and finishing part one before the london gigs on june 10th seems actually doable, but we still need more stuff. we especially need some critiques and art/comics (got some memories & stories so far but NOT too many not to include more. so keep them coming too!) AND entries from POC and people from non-english speaking countries (ie. not from US/UK/canada/australia) but obviously everything & anything is much appreciated!
please share and spread the word.

(i’m gonna put some more information up soon, promise)