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Call for Submissions Reminder = FIVE BY FIVE – a Faith the Vampire Slayer fanzine

the latest (and final, honest!) deadline for the issue one of our Faith the Vampire Slayer fanzines, FIVE BY FIVE is getting closer and closer! so it’s time for an official reminder over here in the n e w s bit!

FIVE BY FIVE – a Faith the Vampire Slayer fanzine

because why should Buffy get all the love and attention?

we’re looking for anything Faith Lehane related, really. fan art, essays, lists, fanfic, w/e – SEND IT OUR WAY to even just email us if you have an idea/any suggestions, even if it’s one you feel like you can’t execute yourself. you can also use the contact form, that’s one of the reasons it’s there for.

we have a handful of great submissions already but we still need more! especially fan fic/more queer content (i think you know exactly what i’m talking about..) non essays, and we definitely need MORE ART to make it all look good etc!

Here’s some more topic suggestions

Faith & queer rage/betrayal
‘go ask malice’, the diaries of Faith Lehane
Angel & Faith comics
how This Years Girl/Who Are You are A LOT especially when you read being a slayer as a metaphore for being queer.

ARTWORK INFO_the zine is going to be A5 (148mm x 210 mm / 5.8 x 8.3 in) and mostly in black and white + it will be a photocopied zine! i might include a couple of colour pages, but i’m not sure yet. minimum 150dpi. any further questions, email us or use the contact form, again.


i really really REALLY want this zine done and ready to ‘launch’ at Glasgow Zine Fest 2020 which is 18th & 19th April, so please get writing, drawing, whatevering for it. luckily i can now print at home (yay!) so i can be somewhat flexible with the deadline, but please let me know if you’re planning to make something but need a few days extra.