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i’ve been talking about getting postcards made, and i finally did it! there are 4 different, beautiful designs by me, tukru, and they are £2 each, or 4 for £6 if you buy the postcard bundle (buy 3 get one free)

be queer make zines postcard
hot ghoul summer postcard
queer wrath postcard
trans rights are human rights postcard
postcard bundle

there’s also a big old stack of new zines + 3 new paper stickers:

coasting: the lazy librarian’s guide to ‘working’ from home
confined #3
confined #4
different worlds, same heartbeats #18
eat your own adventure
feral bisexual paper sticker
morbid bisexual paper sticker
no thrills #2
queer wrath paper sticker
queering intimacy
scorpio moon #9
sketches from therapy #2
stupid girl volume 1
the general ledger #1
zindabad 001: diaspora???
zindabad 003: shame / desire

film photography 101 – how to get started with vintage cameras.
keep it clean

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GOOD NEWS! we have some NEW ZINES, hottt off the Vampire Hag Press presses 😀

so… issue one of FIVE BY FIVE – a Faith the Vampire Slayer Fanzine is finally done and out in the world! and she’s B E A U T I F U L even if i say so myself. 28 glorious black and white pages with a red paper cover.

you can purchase a physical copy here, and it’s also available as a digital PDF zine.

tukru has also made a new small scale zine called No Thrills, and the first run of Bat Habitat #29 – on being non-binary with the nice two tone risograph covers & a sticker has sadly sold out, but now it has a still fun lilac paper cover, and it is also available as a digital PDF zine.

NEW IN STOCK = BAT HABITAT #29 (digital version), FIVE BY FIVE #1, FIVE BY FIVE #1 (digital version), NO THRILLS.

BACK IN STOCK = BAT HABITAT #29 (new covers)

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hi it’s been a while, but i’m here with you a small update of some new stickers, and a handful of new and back in stock zines <3 we’ve been open through most of the pandemic, par the months of september and october because i had to travel to finland for a family emergency (my mum died of surprise cancer, not covid etc) everything is very strange and terrible so i’ve been extra not great at keeping on top of things, which is ok (except when i do it according to my brain) but i’ve been slowly posting orders as i’ve got them the next time one of us has gone outside, because i’ve been using click & drop and printing the postage at home, so all i need to do is put the mail in a post box if it fits, and our orders are rarely so big they won’t fit in. i’ve been posting everything 1st class because i felt bad about the delay posting, but i doubt it makes that much difference to the speed of delivery at the moment so i’ve decided to change the postage to 2nd class to save a few pennies. as you might suspect, money is not abundant but thankfully c’s furlough + my uc pay the rent, bills & grub at the moment, and that’s nice. we’re surviving. hope you are too. x

NEW IN STOCK = growing and gardens #1, sad ghost pumpkin sticker, the diet starts never / baby yoda sticker, tooticky’s typewriter sticker

BACK IN STOCK = here. in my head #15, here. in my head #16, here. in my head #18, here. in my head #19, here. in my head #20, never kill a boy on the first date #1 – a buffy fanzine

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hi we’re back from not doing much and then Weirdo Zine Fest Leeds and on the way we have picked up a lot of new stuff:

NEW IN STOCK: adventures in academia #1, adventures in academia #2, bucket of entrails #1, episode 2: the reweddening, fanzine ynfytyn #21, fanzine ynfytyn #26, fanzine ynfytyn #27 + #23.5 bundle, fanzine ynfytyn #29, fault and fracture #5, fibromyalgia, grrrl con 2017, midwifery quest, spoons zine, the tracks of my life, vampire hag 10th birthday zine, your pretty face is going straight to hell #27.

BACK IN STOCK: aspects of uranus, deadname #1, film photography 101, keep it clean, light light sleep #1, one false move #5, opinionated nobody #12 / fault and fracture #6 split.

UUSI VUOSI, UUDET KUJEET ~ (new year, new tricks) as we say back home in finland. i have a bunch of fancy plans for the year and i’m working on it, even though i’ve had a bit of a knock back with being made redundant from my day job and sadly zine stuff really does not pay the rent. i want to do maximum zine fest, and start offering zine printing services to other zinesters (still figuring out pricing etc, sorry) and just other craft things too. so keep your eye out for us. x

ps i don’t know if you noticed, but the NEW IN STOCK includes our 10th year birthday zine, finally. it has actually been done since before christmas, and listed on here but i just havent promoted it in anyway because.. i honestly don’t know why. but here it is! with orange covers (thought it kind of looks red, but the seller said orange!) 48 pages, with 8 of them in full colour, wow!

also i’ve gone and had a diddle with the website layout because i’m just never entirely happy with it (i miss the old days of just HTML when you could pretty easily alter website templates,  if you knew what you were looking for. i suppose it still probably is, but i just don’t know what i’m looking for or where to find it anymore.) but i think i’m pretty close now? if there’s any issues with the new layout, please let me know. that’s what twitter and the contact form is for (though most of the time the contact form mail is spam about working with instagram influencers  or SEO services that are just not relevant to a little old zine distro) also instagram and facebook, but i’m less likely to see messages on there for some reason…

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long overdue update.

this is so embarrassing.. today i realised all the new stuff i got for and at northwest zinefest was still in my drafts, and i hadn’t actually ‘published’ any of the product pages! no wonder no one had bought any of the new stuff! jesus christ, what am i like? can i blame my absent mindedness on the crowdfunder and photocopier business?

NEW IN STOCK = in a certain light, midwifery quest, different worlds, same heartbeats #15, chubby legend badge, not a woman, not a man badge, rad, fat & non-binary badge, chubby legend sticker, don’t f*cking touch me sticker, rad fat and non-binary sticker, zinester knuckles sticker.
BACK IN STOCK = support trans lives badge

speaking of which, the photocopier is here! thank you so much for everyone who supported the crowdfunder and/or shared posts about it. we couldn’t have done it without you. i haven’t got the rewards sorted yet, but i will get to them soon, i promise <3

last but not least it’s our TENTH GODDAMN BIRTHDAY THIS MONTH! we’re making a birthday zine, please don’t forget submit something spooky for it. and better late than never, here’s a birthday discount code = get 10% off your order with the code VAMPIREHAG10 until november 13th (a month from today)

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i had such a nice time in glasgow / glasgow zine fest last week! thank you to everyone who came and said hi and/or bought zines and stickers. and somehow i’ve come back with lots of new stuff in addition to the new stuff i got in for the zine fest and then also some zines arrived after i got home. so i have a massive distro update for you here! so many brand new zines and stuff that’s back in stock after having previously sold out, AND we also have new stickers!

NEW IN STOCK = diary comics, october – november 2018, different worlds, same heartbeats #14, hex it, mythologising me #14, mythologising me #15, one false move #2, one false move #3, one false move #4, one false move #5, scorpio moon #7, trauma castle #1, trauma castle #2, trauma castle #3, trauma castle #4.

BACK IN STOCK = bitter feels, different worlds, same heartbeats #12, different worlds, same heartbeats #13, light, light sleep #1, living the no maintenance lifestyle – a guide, mythologising me #10, mythologising me #11, scorpio moon #4, scorpio moon #6, the ballad of maxwell demon, working class queers #1.

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we shall be tabling at Glasgow Zine Fest 2019 next week = easter weekend!


Saturday 20th April & Sunday 21st April
*11:00-12:00 – accessible hour
12:00-18:00 – open to the public

CCA Glasgow, 350 Sauchiehall Street, G2 3JD Glasgow, United Kingdom
glasgow zine library websiteglasgow zine library twitter

there’s lots of really cool workshops and talks this year, i hope i can make some of them this year (i always end up spending the whole day at my table somehow because either it’s too busy or i’m too lazy to move or both) can’t wait to see everyone there, and i have lots of new stock coming in for it. some of it even has arrived already, and i’ve added them into the catalog already. i guess technically these aren’t new, because i’ve had them in stock before, but let’s not be pedantic!

BACK IN STOCK = telegram #35, critical breakfast #1/telegram #38, telegram #39, telegram #40, telegram #41

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hello hello hello. welcome to Vampire Hag distro, the zine distro with a bite, previously known as Vampire Sushi Distro. it’s still pretty much the same old zine distro, it just has a new name and a new improved home. oh and it’s gonna be bigger and better and do more stuff, or not. we shall see, but i have plans! i’ll tell you about those when the time comes though. in the meantime though, we have lots of new stock for you.

NEW IN STOCK – a light that never goes out, all the best cowboys have daddy issues, bottled, brainscan #33, living the no maintenance lifestyle, tear the petals off of you, whatstheirname, your pretty face is going straight to hell #25., + a whole lot of badges and stickers!

BACK IN STOCK – here. in my head #15, here. in my head #18, your pretty face is going straight to hell #21, your pretty face is going straight to hell #23½.

we have a whole lot of new badges and stickers and we will be donating all the proceeds from some of them (the pronoun badges + support trans lives stickers & badges) to Mermaids UK.

to celebrate this whole new name, new website thing, we’re also having a little bit of a sale. you can get 10% off with the code OPENING10 until the end of february.

i suppose you might be wondering why i’ve gone and changed the name of the distro. i’ve been semi-wanting to change it for a few years actually, but it’s taken me a long time to come up with the new name. it just hasn’t felt quite right for a long time, it was just the first thing we (me & my partner carl) thought of, and though i still love vampires, the sushi part hasn’t felt appropriate for a while especially since i’m a white european person who doesn’t even eat sushi. no one has ever said anything about cultural appropriation regarding the name (at least not to me) but it has made me feel uncomfortable for at least over year and it was about time i did something about it. i had known i wanted to change the name for about a year but it took a while to come up with the new name, feel good about it and then gather the courage to go ahead and change it for real. Weirdo Zine Fest (leeds, 9th february) was our first outing under the new name and it was so good! i picked up so many new zines to read (possibly a bigger stack than all the zine fests i did last year put together!) i feel like i’ve been putting off things i wanted to do with the distro because i knew i was going to eventually change the name and what was the point doing something big until i had done it.