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Call for Submissions Reminder = FIVE BY FIVE – a Faith the Vampire Slayer fanzine

the latest (and final, honest!) deadline for the issue one of our Faith the Vampire Slayer fanzines, FIVE BY FIVE is getting closer and closer! so it’s time for an official reminder over here in the n e w s bit!

FIVE BY FIVE – a Faith the Vampire Slayer fanzine

because why should Buffy get all the love and attention?

we’re looking for anything Faith Lehane related, really. fan art, essays, lists, fanfic, w/e – SEND IT OUR WAY to even just email us if you have an idea/any suggestions, even if it’s one you feel like you can’t execute yourself. you can also use the contact form, that’s one of the reasons it’s there for.

we have a handful of great submissions already but we still need more! especially fan fic/more queer content (i think you know exactly what i’m talking about..) non essays, and we definitely need MORE ART to make it all look good etc!

Here’s some more topic suggestions

Faith & queer rage/betrayal
‘go ask malice’, the diaries of Faith Lehane
Angel & Faith comics
how This Years Girl/Who Are You are A LOT especially when you read being a slayer as a metaphore for being queer.

ARTWORK INFO_the zine is going to be A5 (148mm x 210 mm / 5.8 x 8.3 in) and mostly in black and white + it will be a photocopied zine! i might include a couple of colour pages, but i’m not sure yet. minimum 150dpi. any further questions, email us or use the contact form, again.


i really really REALLY want this zine done and ready to ‘launch’ at Glasgow Zine Fest 2020 which is 18th & 19th April, so please get writing, drawing, whatevering for it. luckily i can now print at home (yay!) so i can be somewhat flexible with the deadline, but please let me know if you’re planning to make something but need a few days extra.

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hi we’re back from not doing much and then Weirdo Zine Fest Leeds and on the way we have picked up a lot of new stuff:

NEW IN STOCK: adventures in academia #1, adventures in academia #2, bucket of entrails #1, episode 2: the reweddening, fanzine ynfytyn #21, fanzine ynfytyn #26, fanzine ynfytyn #27 + #23.5 bundle, fanzine ynfytyn #29, fault and fracture #5, fibromyalgia, grrrl con 2017, midwifery quest, spoons zine, the tracks of my life, vampire hag 10th birthday zine, your pretty face is going straight to hell #27.

BACK IN STOCK: aspects of uranus, deadname #1, film photography 101, keep it clean, light light sleep #1, one false move #5, opinionated nobody #12 / fault and fracture #6 split.

UUSI VUOSI, UUDET KUJEET ~ (new year, new tricks) as we say back home in finland. i have a bunch of fancy plans for the year and i’m working on it, even though i’ve had a bit of a knock back with being made redundant from my day job and sadly zine stuff really does not pay the rent. i want to do maximum zine fest, and start offering zine printing services to other zinesters (still figuring out pricing etc, sorry) and just other craft things too. so keep your eye out for us. x

ps i don’t know if you noticed, but the NEW IN STOCK includes our 10th year birthday zine, finally. it has actually been done since before christmas, and listed on here but i just havent promoted it in anyway because.. i honestly don’t know why. but here it is! with orange covers (thought it kind of looks red, but the seller said orange!) 48 pages, with 8 of them in full colour, wow!

also i’ve gone and had a diddle with the website layout because i’m just never entirely happy with it (i miss the old days of just HTML when you could pretty easily alter website templates,  if you knew what you were looking for. i suppose it still probably is, but i just don’t know what i’m looking for or where to find it anymore.) but i think i’m pretty close now? if there’s any issues with the new layout, please let me know. that’s what twitter and the contact form is for (though most of the time the contact form mail is spam about working with instagram influencers  or SEO services that are just not relevant to a little old zine distro) also instagram and facebook, but i’m less likely to see messages on there for some reason…

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we are going to be at Weirdo Zine Fest at Leeds Central Library this saturday! ♥ ♥

Saturday 1st February from 12 – 4pm
Room 700, Leeds Central Library, Municipal Buildings, Calverly Street, Leeds LS1 3AB, UK
facebook event

Weirdo Zine Fest is a self-publishing fair celebrating DIY cultural production by radical and marginalised people. Preference for tables goes to women, queers, people of colour, disabled people, trans people, fat people, sex workers and anyone who is otherwise marginalised.

This year’s fair will be held in Room 700, Leeds Central Library, between 12 and 4pm. There will be 30 stallholders, selling zines, art and merch.

Accessibility info is available on the council’s website here:
We’re hosting the event in Room 700 which is on the first floor (near the art library). The art library has ungendered toilets and the whole library is wheelchair accessible. We’ll make sure there’s a quiet space available on the day, and there’s food available from the tiled hall cafe downstairs!
Please feel free to message me with any additional questions and I’ll get them answered ASAP.

The space for this fair has been provided by the lovely folks at Leeds Zine Library! Here’s some info about them:
Leeds Zine Library is an archive and reference library of contemporary zines. Browse through our ever growing collection of DIY publications made by local and UK zine makers. zines on a wealth of subjects including books, art, society and politics. Submit zines to Leeds Zine Library, Leeds Central Library, Calverly Street, Leeds LS1 3AB
@leedslibraries #LeedsZineLibrary

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we are going to be at Weirdo Zine Fest at Science Gallery London this saturday! ♥ ♥

Saturday 29th November from 12 – 6pm
Science Gallery London, Great Maze Pond, SE1 9GU London, UK
facebook event

Weirdo Zine Fest is a self-publishing fair celebrating DIY cultural production by radical and marginalised people. Weirdo Zine Fest has previously taken place in partnership with DIY Space for London, the National Trust and Leeds Libraries. This year we’re returning to London as part of Science Gallery London’s ON EDGE season to run an edition of the fair which focuses on zines exploring anxiety!

For this edition of the fair, preference for tables goes to anyone who has experience of anxiety, but as always women, queers, POC, disabled people, trans people, fat people, sex workers and anyone who is otherwise marginalised are particularly encouraged to apply!


The Infinite Label List workshop
Studio, First Floor, 14:00 – 17:00. FREE (booking required:

Since 2008 artist Cian McConn has been continuously compiling a list of words. Struck by the letters that people choose to “exhibit” in public on their clothing, he is interested in how the words we wear and the statements we dress ourselves in affect our first impressions. Adding a daily word to his list became a way to pour out his frustrations, desires and fears, thinking about what it means to be political, outspoken, disliked or judged, and claim some sense of authority over the social world.

A new iteration of The Infinite Label List features in the ON EDGE exhibition. In this workshop you are invited to participate in the work by choosing a word from the list, or adding your own, and hand painting it onto a T-shirt. The T-shirt will be yours to keep.

Pushing Through Imposter Syndrome
Ground floor: 14:00 – 16:00, FREE

A rotation of fun drawing, writing and speaking based activities led by Emma Falconer to boost your confidence in being creative and sharing your creativity with others. Suitable for all ages and level of experience. Drop in, and join in.

Anxiety is Political!
Common Thread, First floor gallery: 15:30 – 16:30. FREE

Anxiety can be a lonely experience. Join Charlotte Cooper, a psychotherapist working in East London and cultural worker, for a gentle discussion about tactics for handling and understanding anxiety, sharing what we know, and being together in solidarity. What are the social contexts in which anxiety arises and how could concepts like Neorecovery, Mad Pride and resources for accessing (free/cheap) therapy help? Anxiety and its remedies are political!

Entry to the zine fair and exhibitions at Science Gallery London is free.

All areas of Science Gallery are accessible by level access, by lift and by wheelchair. Wheelchair-accessible toilets are located on the ground and lower ground floor of the Gallery and the First Floor Studio. The Wheelchair-accessible toilets located in the first floor studio are outside of the main Gallery visitor access areas. Please contact a member of staff if you require assistance during your visit.

We will be using a room in Science Gallery London as a quiet space (location tbc closer to the date). This room will also contain zine making supplies to allow for people in the space to make things away from the busy zine fair.

There are both gendered toilets and accessible unisex/gender neutral toilets available in the building.

Further accessibility information is available here:

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long overdue update.

this is so embarrassing.. today i realised all the new stuff i got for and at northwest zinefest was still in my drafts, and i hadn’t actually ‘published’ any of the product pages! no wonder no one had bought any of the new stuff! jesus christ, what am i like? can i blame my absent mindedness on the crowdfunder and photocopier business?

NEW IN STOCK = in a certain light, midwifery quest, different worlds, same heartbeats #15, chubby legend badge, not a woman, not a man badge, rad, fat & non-binary badge, chubby legend sticker, don’t f*cking touch me sticker, rad fat and non-binary sticker, zinester knuckles sticker.
BACK IN STOCK = support trans lives badge

speaking of which, the photocopier is here! thank you so much for everyone who supported the crowdfunder and/or shared posts about it. we couldn’t have done it without you. i haven’t got the rewards sorted yet, but i will get to them soon, i promise <3

last but not least it’s our TENTH GODDAMN BIRTHDAY THIS MONTH! we’re making a birthday zine, please don’t forget submit something spooky for it. and better late than never, here’s a birthday discount code = get 10% off your order with the code VAMPIREHAG10 until november 13th (a month from today)

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we officially opened for ‘business’ on October 31st 2009. and what better way to celebrate the birthday of a zine distro than make a compilation zine?

so here we are, it’s a call for submissions! we want your art (drawings, paitings, comics, photos) spooky stories, reviews of spooky things, spooky lists, spooky crafts, vampire hag fan art/love notes, anything spooky because halloween is our birthday and we love being spooky bitches!


SEND IT OUR WAY to you can also use the contact form, that’s one of the reasons it’s there for.

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hi! exciting things! we are having a little crowdfunding fundraiser for an Actual Photocopier for the distro. i need about £412 for my dream printer (but to be honest if we don’t raise enough and i can’t afford the difference, i’m willing to settle for a cheaper one. they start from £195 but their ink costs are higher, and they won’t print b&w if a colour cartridge runs out.)

we have some cool rewards set up on the crowdfunder page like thank you stickers & postcards, custom portraits by me (tukru), distro vouchers, zines, and zine printing services.

the crowdfunder is at = i’m also going to be posting about this constantly on our twitter and occasionally on instagram and even facebook, and on my personal twitter and instagram and so on. even if you can’t afford to donate, i would appreciate you spreading the word and retweeting, liking and sharing my posts about it to spread the word (and beat the algorithms)

crowdfunder accepts “all major international credit/debit cards” and you don’t have to be in the UK to pledge (here’s their FAQ for supporters, if you have any concerns) but if you want to support us and can’t use the crowdfunder website, or just don’t want to use it, you can also send a donation via paypal, and you can still request one of the rewards. either send the ££ to (friends & family is preferred because fees but not required) or through any questions, email me (same address) use the contact form or use one of our social media platforms.

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hello fellow kids! we’re back back back back back again, which means the international zine month can finally fully begin! (at least for me) and as usual we are going to have a little IZM sale! you can get 19% off your order with the code IZM2019 until the end of july!

International Zine month list of suggested activities for 2018!

Get Ready!

– Check out

– Use #IZM2019 when writing online about International Zine Month


– Read a zine everyday

– Attend or organize a zine event

– Do a 24 hour zine: sign up at

– Draw a comic a day then release a comic zine

– Write about your progress daily online


July 1 – CanaZine Day! Buy, read, or share zines from Canada for Canada Day!

July 2 – Zine Rewind! Re-read your favorite zines and remind yourself why you love them.

July 3 – Teach a friend,family member, or stranger about zines!

July 4 – AmeriZine Day! Explore marginalized voices in America. Buy, share, and read zines about racial justice and zines written by American people of color.

July 5 – Review a zine: post online or print in your zine

July 6 – Zine Pride Day! Explore LGBTQIA zines! Buy, share, and read zines by people of marginalized sexual orientations and gender identities. Check out the Queer Zine Archive Project!

July 7 – Zine Distro Appreciation Day! Order from a distro, get yourself some reading material for IZM2019

July 8 – Cook with a recipe you found in a zine!

July 9 – Write a letter to a zine penpal

July 10 – Write a letter to a zine maker

July 11 – International Zine Day! Buy, share, or read zines from a country different than your own

July 12 – ZineWiki Day! Add to or update

July 13 – Make up a zine superstition and share it (skip the 13th issue? Spin 3 times to prevent copier jams or avoid paper cuts? Let your best friend read your zine before anyone else?)

July 14 – ValenZines Day! Give yourself some zine love in whatever way it means to you! read zines in a bubble bath? Buy some new scissors? Let your zine friends know you care about them.

July 15 – Free Zine Day! Give zines away or leave zines in public places for strangers to find

July 16 – Make a list of reasons you love zines and share it with others

July 17 – Make a flyer for your zine to trade with others or to send out with zine orders and trades

July 18 – Zine trade Day! Ask someone to trade zines

July 19 – Send your zine to a distro for consideration

July 20 – Zine Shop Appreciation Day! Visit your local zine shop!

July 21 – Zine Library Day! Visit your local zine library. Don’t have one in your area? Why not start one?

July 22 – Send or drop off your zine to a zine library to be included in their collection

July 23 – Order zines from a different zine distro

July 24 – Teach yourself a new zine skill like a new binding technique or how to make a 1 page zine

July 25 – Send your zine out for review to a website or magazine that does reviews

July 26 – Organize your zine collection

July 27 – Host or attend a zine event!

July 28 – Post online about your favorite zines!

July 29 – Take a photo of you with your zine or zine collection and post it online

July 30 – Write a letter or post about your IZM2019

July 31 – HallowZine! Remember zines and zinesters that are no longer with us.

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more zines, much update <3

we’re back from another zine fest, and we have another big old distro update. Swansea Zine Fest was a good time, and i came back with lots of new stuff i got for the distro from other people tabling at the zine fest (save on that postage, but my bag coming back had more zines in it that it had when i left the house, oops)

NEW IN STOCK = autism room 101, grrrl con 2016, here. in my head #19, in other words, opinionated nobody #9, opinionated nobody #9.5, opinionated nobody #11, opinionated nobody #12 / fault and fracture #6, opinionated nobody #13, opinionated nobody #14, out of my mind, you aint a beauty but hey you’re alright, your pretty face is going straight to hell #26..

BACK IN STOCK = different worlds, same heartbeats 14, from spice girls to riot grrrls, dirty lesbian, never kill a boy on the first date #1, thanks for your concern but that’s just my face..

in other news, Sheffield Zine Fest is this saturday, and sadly i won’t be there but Will Be Betrayed Distro will have some of my (tukru’s) zines.

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swansea zine fest!

hey hey hey we’re gonna be at Swansea Zine Fest tomorrow! (and i’ve closed the distro until some time next week, when i’m back and have had the energy to go through to distro stock levels)


SATURDAY 12 – 5pm
Volcano Theatre, 27-29 High St, Swansea SA1 1LG
facebook event /// twitter

The second annual Swansea Zine Fest will take place on Sat 11th May 2019 in Volcano Theatre!

Swansea Zine Fest is a celebration of fanzines and DIY self-publishing. Come along to buy and swap zines and DIY publications from a range of creators from Swansea and further afield. Swansea Zine Fest will also include zine readings, craft space, free zine giveaways, and a chance to make your own zine.

· Free entry
· Fully accessible venue
· Open to all

A zine (pronounced “zeen,” as in “maga-zine”) is a self-published, small circulation, non-commercial booklet or magazine, usually produced by one person or a few individuals. Zines can include personal essays, political discussions, fiction, do-it-yourself tips, articles about music or movies, comics, poetry, reviews – anything under the sun.

We will be collecting donations on the day for Discovery, a Swansea-based charity that enriches the lives of the people in Swansea through volunteering.

Find out more about the zine fest on our website: