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hi everyone. it’s been a weird few weeks everywhere. as you may or may not know, UK is on lockdown and since i’m not a keyworker and neither is my partner, we’re only supposed to go out for essentials or daily excercise, so at the moment we’re unable to go to the post office as often as we’d like. we’re ok for food etc at the moment so i don’t even know when we will be going into town. but i’m still keeping the distro open because i will post any pending orders the next time we go out for supplies, so we’re still here, taking zine orders, but they will take longer than usual to process.


but i wanted do something to.. something? so i decided this would be a good time to finally make some of my old, out of print zines available in PDF form. i had been meaning to do it anyway, so no time like the present. so far i have scanned and PDF’d issues 1 through to 20 of your pretty face is going straight to hell, + kersa x #3 all the way back from 2002/2003! and they are all available as PWYW = Pay What You Want because i know the times are hard and maybe you can’t afford to pay for your reading material. the single issues are suggested price £1 each and i’ve also got bundles of 10 issues for £10 suggested price each which isn’t cheaper but you won’t have to click to add each zine to your basket individually. you don’t need to include any information with your order either, other than your email because the system emails you the download link, but if you don’t want to provide an email, you can make up a fake one as you are forwarded to the download page. but it’s nice to have the download link for later. and if you can’t afford to pay for the zines now, that ‘s ok. you can also always donate later through i just wanted to make the zine easily accessible. this might change once we’re out of lockdown / things are back to ‘normal’, but we’ll see what happens. (ps any problems with downloads, files, payment, anything at all, please let me know!)

sadly all the zine fest we had booked have been cancelled or postponed due to the pandemic, but we’ll see you on the internet and we’ll still be doing things. keep you eyes on our twitter i guess?

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more zines, much update <3

we’re back from another zine fest, and we have another big old distro update. Swansea Zine Fest was a good time, and i came back with lots of new stuff i got for the distro from other people tabling at the zine fest (save on that postage, but my bag coming back had more zines in it that it had when i left the house, oops)

NEW IN STOCK = autism room 101, grrrl con 2016, here. in my head #19, in other words, opinionated nobody #9, opinionated nobody #9.5, opinionated nobody #11, opinionated nobody #12 / fault and fracture #6, opinionated nobody #13, opinionated nobody #14, out of my mind, you aint a beauty but hey you’re alright, your pretty face is going straight to hell #26..

BACK IN STOCK = different worlds, same heartbeats 14, from spice girls to riot grrrls, dirty lesbian, never kill a boy on the first date #1, thanks for your concern but that’s just my face..

in other news, Sheffield Zine Fest is this saturday, and sadly i won’t be there but Will Be Betrayed Distro will have some of my (tukru’s) zines.