FIVE BY FIVE – a Faith the Vampire Slayer fanzine


– a Faith the Vampire Slayer fanzine
because why should Buffy get all the love and attention?

we’re looking for anything Faith Lehane related, really. fan art, essays, lists, fanfic, w/e – SEND IT OUR WAY to even just email us if you have an idea/any suggestions, even if it’s one you feel like you can’t execute yourself. you can also use the contact form, that’s one of the reasons it’s there for.


NEW DEADLINE MAY 31st 2020!!!

some topic suggestions:

Faith & queer rage/betrayal

in defense of Faith

a drawing of ^ that scene of Faith sniffing that knife

‘go ask malice’, the diaries of Faith Lehane

Angel & Faith comics

how This Years Girl/Who Are You are A LOT especially when you read being a slayer as a metaphore for being queer.

ARTWORK INFO_the zine is going to be A5 (148mm x 210 mm / 5.8 x 8.3 in) and mostly in black and white + it will be a photocopied zine! i might include a couple of colour pages, but i’m not sure yet. minimum 150dpi. any further questions, email us or use the contact form, again.

– – – – –

back at Glasgow Zine Fest 2017, while tabling and reading through Never Kill a Boy on the First Date, i thought to myself “is there such a thing as too many Buffy fanzines? oh hell no.” and then “HEY! What about Faith?” and i thought to myself i should make a Faith the Vampire Slayer fanzine, and i told a bunch of people who came to the distro table, and everyone thought it was a great idea, and then i did nothing about. then last september i posted about it on the old distro website and put a call out for submissions on twitter, but then kind of didn’t follow through for various reasons including the whole changing the distro’s name stuff.. but here we are, we’ve missed several deadlines but it’s time to get serious about the faith zine again!