tukru – chatham, kent – uk
58 pages – quarter size / A6

this zine used to be called Your Pretty Face is Going Straight to Hell, for reasons. it’s still the same zine, just with a new name that’s less effort to say and write 😀 (more about it in the zine..)

this is that obligatory lockdown zine. i wrote about venturing out to the shops (wow, who would have thought that would be exciting?) at the beginning of the lockdown, my average day in lockdown, worrying about my mum from a distance and missing her on mother’s day, getting my shit together to apply for job seekers allowance and my partner being furloughed, my lockdown birthday, oh no finding out my mum has been diagnosed with cancer and trying to process the news, and how everything is fucked but i’m still kind of ok? this zine is pretty text heavy but also heavy on stickers and cut and paste, it’s not like i’ve had anything better to do in lockdown…

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