BAT HABITAT #29 – on being non-binary



tukru – chatham, kent – uk
40 pages – half size / A5

not sure where to start with this zine. i’ve been working on it for over two years, so having Actually Finished it and released it to the world. yikes!

this zine is about me being non-binary and trying to figure that out and coming out to my partner and family as non-binary and it’s about my sexuality and identity and family and how i present myself. this zine is not a non-binary 101, though i do speak about definitions and stuff, so it has some information and resources, but please do not expect a guide to the non-binary identity. thank you.

40 pages – half size / A5 – black & white with cover on lilac paper

with pink and blue risograph cover on light grey cardstock + random non-binary themed sticker, while stocks last. (sorry everyone, the riso covers & stickers are SOLD OUT)

ps this zine used to be called Your Pretty Face is Going Straight to Hell, for reasons. it’s still the same zine, just with a new name that’s less effort to say and write 😀 (more about it in the zine..)

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Weight 70 g