BRAINSCAN #33 – DIY Witchery (An Exploration of Secular Witchcraft)


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alex wrekk – portland, or – usa
64 pages – quarter legal sized (7″x 4.25″)

in alex’s own words because she knows best how to describe this zine:

In 20 years of publishing Brainscan zine there is one incredibly important thing in my life that I have not written about, and that is witchcraft. I am a witch and I have been studying and practicing witchcraft for over a decade and it has been a very useful tool in my life and personal growth.

This zine is a not a how-to-witch zine. This zine is an issue of Brainscan that just happens to be about witchcraft told through my personal narrative.

In this zine I explore what witchcraft is, how I became interested in it, how I built my own practice as an agnostic secular witch and how that differs from a lot of contemporary witchcraft. I share a glimpse of what my personal practice as a non-pagan and non-Wiccan witch looks like.

I also examine my personal issues with modern pagan and witchcraft culture addressing things like racism, cultural appropriation, colonialism, capitalism, the excessive gendering of all things. My politics are intersectional – so is my witchcraft.

I also discuss some tips and a few resource for those that might be interested in exploring witchcraft for themselves.

1/4 legal sized (7″x 4.25″) 64 pages with vellum overlays, cardstock cover, hand stitched binding, illustrations by Steve Larder ( )

The cover is a Steve Larder Illustration of an altar I made to help with the process of the latest issue of Stolen Sharpie Revolution: A DIY Resource for Zines and Zine Culture by Alex Wrekk

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