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tess & rose – UK
14 pages – quarter size / A6

in tess & rose’s own words:

Buried deep beneath articles and videos are stories, waiting to be discovered in the comments section: intimate confessions, fond memories, tall tales. Most of the stories in this zine were found here—others are from a different genre of text one might find at the bottom of web pages: the clickbait advert.

Some of these stories are true, some a little embellished, others are clearly false. Found Fictions collects all, indiscriminately, and adds another layer of fictionalisation: each story has been rewritten for anonymity. But the voice and the tone have been preserved, and much of the substance too. You might think of these as micro fictions inspired by true tales—about rubies, crickets, endless lakes, plum wine, and shattered glass.

This hand-bound A6 zine is printed on pink stock with art by illustrator Rose Cowan (I: @rosealisoncowan), and words by author Tess Little (I: @littlestmess/T: @tessmslittle).

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