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maranda elizabeth – canada
22 pages – quarter size

in maranda’s own words this text heavy (5,500 words) issue is about: “examining the ways poverty, trauma, and chronic pain shape & alter & distort my perceptions of myself, my body, and my imagination. It’s about being okay with not-belonging; chronic instability of home and health and communication; coping, caring, dreaming. Making connections. This is a zine about sickness, pain, and isolation, the damage poverty does to one’s psyche & body & soul, and surviving under capitalism. It’s a zine about falling & praying & breathing. Cards & candles & the irrational. Affirmations for crazy & sick & disabled weirdos. Magic as coping skills. Story-telling, story-exploring, storying. Asking questions.

When I talk about pain, I am talking about physical-mental-emotional, mind-body-spirit, brain-bones-heart, psychic-flesh-wordless, because I cannot untangle and separate them.

There are some illustrations included, too!

{content notes: trauma, poverty, & very brief mentions of psychosis, violence, homelessness, rape, being arrested as a teen, detention centres, chronic suicidal ideation}

*a little note: Despite some hardcore buzzkill words in the description, I wish to emphasize that this is a zine about magic, survival, acceptance, & meaning-making, and is – hopefully – not as depressing as it sounds. I am here to re-imagine what sickness could be, attribute new meanings to old words/wounds, and share what I’m learning/practicing.*”

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