nina – ghent – belgium
30 pages – half size / A5

in nina’s own words:

My new zine YngWHO? talks about a lot of things, so you don’t need to be a fan or even have heard of Yngwie Malmsteen. I didn’t know who he was before last summer… (He’s a guitarist who started out in the 80s and supposedly invented neoclassical rock/metal). But because I became a fan over the summer, I decided a zine was in order and I used it to write about a number of subjects.

Even though I call YngWHO? a fanzine, it’s as much a perzine*. It’s written from a fan perspective and I write about fandom as well as about personal things like memories from the 80s and gender stuff.

What can you find in this zine?

– all things Yngwie, including how I discovered his music, what we can learn from him, and reasons to hate him (yep)
– thoughts about fandom and fame
– thoughts about queerness, gender expression, and the 80s
– film / book / zine recommendations
– and also… a poster, a puzzle, and a paper doll! 🙂

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