What is a ZINE?

zines are self published independent booklets. the content varies depending on the writer(s). it’s too bloody hard to explain, buy some and find out yourself, ha! for more info, visit zines on wikipedia & zinewiki

our table at glasgow zine fest 2018.


we like zines! our favourite kinds are perzines (all sorts; feminist, mental health, queer, the list goes on forever) food zines & some art zines but we’re open to everything, though we’re not super into poetry or music zines, but there are always some exceptions.. nothing racist, girl hatey, homophobic, misogynist, transphobic, cissexist, hateful etc stuff though! those are a definite no-no.

we will need a finished copy of your zine to read properly to make a decision (which we can’t return unless you provide return postage.. sorry.) we now have access to zine printing at home so we will also accept pdfs and scans, but physical zines are more fun <3

please email us at vampirehag at for address and/or more information. let us know your name, zine title & issue, short description, retail & wholesale (usually 50% of retail for physical copies*) prices when you send us the zine. we’ll let you know if we want to distro the zine. if you don’t hear from us, it’s most probably a no. (though we do occasionally take our time deciding.)

* we can also print the zines here ourselves, and pay you for each copy we make & sell, but i have no figured out what the % should be. if you’re interested in being a guineapig / help us figure out a new thing, please email us!