earlier this month i finally got to go to a FAT POSITIVE CLOTHES SWAP. i had been wanting to go to one since i first heard about them over a year ago. but every single time i’ve been either busy with something else, stuck at work or too broke for the train fare. usually a combo of the last two. but when this one (number eight!) was announced i was like I’M GOING THIS TIME, I DONT CARE WHAT. it being on a sunday this time helped with the work issue ha ha. and even though i’m currently hella broke and my rail card had run out on halloween and thus my train ticket was like 1/3 more than expected and trains were obvs all fucked I HAVE NO REGRETS. it was totally worth the effort. everyone was super duper nice and helping each other and even pickin stuff up for each other and just so nice. and honestly i have no words and you should go to the next one if you can. i’ve been struggling to write about it in any meaningful way / describe how awesome it was without just simply making gushing sounds ~ hence why it’s taken me ALMOST THREE WEEKS to write this… however i did do ~*a haul video*~ (cos ingrid said i should) a few days after the swap itself. it’s kind of long and rambly. deal with it.

[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g3OxjRM7bE4[/embedyt]

a few days later i went outside and wore the long grey dress and when i got home it was still kinda light enough to take an OOTD. and then i took pictures in some of the other clothes too while the dinner was in the oven. so far i have only worn the grey dress (two or three times) the scarlett & jo skirt, stripy bat sleeve top and an almost matching black & grey stripey maxi skirt i appear to have forgotten to show off… oops. i’m going to a birthday barbecue on friday (yeah, barbecue in december.) and on saturday my friend cath is coming to medway to play a gig at poco loco with a million other things so i’ll have occasion to wear things! the pink papaya weekend dress will def get an outing but i haven’t decided which occasion gets that honour. (semi wish i could wear it both times, but sadly i’m a sweaty betty so probably not…)
ANYWAY, the next fat positive clothes swap is marked on the calendar under 21st February at DIY Space For London. unfortunately the swap doesn’t have any specific place i can link to but you can keep an eye on the Fat Positive London facebook group or @DIYArchivist (one of the organisers) on the twitter. i’ll most probably be retweeting the heck out of any announcements. if you don’t believe me, here’s an article about the swaps from Standard Issue magazine from back in june featuring some friends, and more words. someone was also making a video about the swap, and i was interviewed for it but it hasn’t surfaced yet. (i’ll probably post it when it does) while we’re linking things, here’s a article that bethany of arched eyebrow wrote a few weeks ago that was really good about ok?

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    • thanks hun <3 im very much looking forward to wearing it this weekend! hopefully i wont make too much of a mess of myself on friday so i can wear it saturday night too 😀

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