i made a new zine and crossed off another thing from my zine goals 2019 list! (that’s 2 ½, maybe 3 so far, depending on how you look at it.)


YOUR PRETTY FACE IS GOING STRAIGHT TO HELL issue 26 is about my travels to Finland (my homecountry) on the summer of 2016. (yeah it took me 3 years, so what?) i write about getting my passport renewed, hanging out with my brother and his cat, swimming, seeing old friends and going to some pride stuff as i just happened to be in helsinki during pride week, and then spending the second week with my parents in ilomantsi and doing a lot of karaoke, swimming, visiting my grandfather’s old farm and the best dogs, and mostly being hot and bored and itchy as hell, because i always get a ton of mosquito bites and somehow whenever i go home, there’s a massive heatwave. it’s 52 pages, quarter size / a6, with light blue covers, around 12,000 words, so it’s text heavy but as usual there’s a lot of cut & paste of photos and illustrations in the mix (even more moomins than usual) and it costs £3 + postage (sorry the printing costs have gone up so had to put up the price)

you can buy it from my zine distro, vampire hag, = or (if you prefer) my etsy shop =

funnily enough, just as i was finishing off the zine, i booked me and carl flights to go to finland in june. we’ll be there for midsummer and my birthday for the first time in… well, since 2003. i’m excited and i have probably too many plans. but at least this time i have more money (since i work more than 12 hours a week, that really helps with funds) so i can afford to do some stuff without having a panic attack about the cost. i just booked a few more bits last night (some trains, and a hostel for a few nights before carl goes home. he leaves after a week and a bit, while i’m staying for another week after he comes home.) but yeah more about that trip in the zine about it, hopefully that one doesn’t take me three years to write ha ha ha.

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