nesting and re-arranging.

since i started working from home last year, i’ve been sort of trying to rearrange our flat. make it better. make it permanent. decorate it. but i’m lazy and it’s been a slow process. i managed to put some stuff on the living room wall in the spring but so far that’s pretty much been it.

a couple of weeks ago we got a new (to us) sofa that’s a lot bigger than our old sofa, and also bigger than we expected so we had to move some furniture around. and it turns out the current desk position does not work with the big sofa because my big work desk is behind it and there’s just enough space for me to sit in my chair and carl to squeeze through between it and the sofa, which i thought would be fine but i started getting very annoyed with it after about 2 days. so we decided we are going to change the desks around. we actually planned to have put the work desk in the corner originally but decided against it because it’s so deep it goes about 15cm in front of the garden door, but we’ve decided that’s not gonna too much of a problem. since my chair is usually in front of the door, and it’s way bigger than 15cm.. sadly i was too busy to do anything about the next weekend because i went out to loco cabaret on friday night and drag world all day saturday and i was EXHAUSTED on sunday.

we were going to do it on sunday but carl woke up with a mystery fever or something. his whole body was really hot to touch and he felt all wibbly and weak, so we got nothing done. instead i did the whole things solo on monday because it was a) bank holiday monday and home improvement is a tradition, b) carl was going to house-sit for his brother and c) i prefer to do it alone anyway because i make a huge mess in the process and if carl’s there i will feel judged (it’s all in my head though) and i’ve done it before (for when i started working home, but i ended up having to move it back my desk back to its old location) so i knew i could do it / i’m strong enough physically. *strong arm emoji* so i told carl to go to his brother’s early so i got started after i ate breakfast (around 11am)

as excepted, i made a huge mess moving most of the stuff from my desks (on to the sofa) in order to move them, but i did an ok job tidying up afterwards. i still have a lot of sorting out to do i’m going to have to rearrange my wall because sadly the spots where two of the prints and the round shelf are will be covered by the add on unit / shelf of my desk. i guess i could get rid of the add-on unit but i just bought a new one last year and i like it! it has a perfect shelf for the distro stock. so that’s annoying but i feel like the new set up will be much better. i’ve missed being able to just turn around and see what carl’s doing / watch his game play, not that he’s been playing anything interesting lately..

i have lots of other plans for home improvements but most of the things are all day / several days projects and getting started is hard, or i just don’t have all the things i need to get started. i have an epic ikea shopping list because i’m basic like that. i love ikea and i have no qualms about it.

SHOPPING LIST / home improvement plans;

  • put up a rail with hooks on the kitchen wall to hang our pots and pans from. i’ve already got the rail & hooks from ikea, i just need to put them up. having the pots in a cupboard is a messy nightmare. we had rail & hooks in the old flat’s kitchen and it was perfect. i’ve missed it a lot. i’ve got the rail etc delivered last weekend, just haven’t done it yet!
  • put up some shelves on the kitchen wall so i can put some of my most used kitchen stuff on them / stuff that’s usually on the counter just taking up all the space. i dont think i’ll have to buy anything for this because i actually had 2 ikea shelves under the bed! a blue one used to be up in our old flat’s living room and there’s a matching green one that’s almost the same shade as the kitchen walls. but i couldn’t find its brackets.. but to be 100% honest, i’d like a shelf like this, with the brackets on the sides on the top, so it’s harder to knock things off the shelf but it would be £18 with the brackets and the shelf that fits them best. would seem like a waste since i have prefectly good shelves already at home. i dont know what to do..
  • put extra shelves & wire baskets for the wardrobe – because tall piles of folded clothes are harder to manage than several short ones. i found an ikea hack for adding shelves to our dombås wardrobe, and it’s gonna be my next project, but i’m scared! i have faith that if i do this, we can sort out our messy wardrobe and the bedroom in general will be less of a wreck.

sometimes i wonder what’s the point of me improving my home, decorating and getting more storage / gone stuff when Brexit is a big old cloud of ‘you might have to leave and taking your things with you is impractical and expensive’ cloud over my existence (especially now with more bad weird news yay) but i also can’t and shouldn’t put my life on hold forever because it seems to just be postponed forever and limbo is bad for anxiety.

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