long time no blog again. i’d love to say i’m gonna start blogging more often but i don’t know. i have some ideas and things i want to write about regularly but we’ll see what happens. especially since i have A LOT OF TIME on my hands. what with unemployment + pandemic staying home (not that i’d be going anywhere much if there was no global pandemic, but i mean there is no point looking for jobs right now because there are none? not that i’ve looked, but the job sites have not even been emailing me suggestions)

anyway, i spent yesterday sorting out a little digital zine shop here on my blog, and moving them all over from vampire hag distro. it was cute there, but i felt like it cluttered it up the shop, especially the section where my newer actually physical zines were. just tidying up. i might eventually put other things in the shop too like art etc but we’ll see.. at the moment there’s issues 1 – 20 of your pretty face is going straight to hell + jellyfish out of hell #1 (which was a semi recent 24h zine) and kersa x #3 (which is one of my first ever zines, it’s currently 17 years old, jesus wept) there’s also two bundles of issues 1 – 10 and 11 – 20 all flocked together to save time if you want to get EVERYTHING, so you don’t have to go to every single individual listing separately. the zines are all NAME YOUR PRICE, which means you can pay what you want / can afford which includes NOTHING if that’s what you can afford, it’s fine. most of the individual zines are recommended £price 1 each and bundles are £10, check the description if unsure. they’re mostly formated as single page PDFs, except #1 i think (because it’s v art heavy) you can also just donate ££ later at unfortunately the system doesn’t let me remove the requirement for name and address details, but honestly you do not need to fill them in truthfully, just put in x’s or something. and i’ve set up so you can request to have your personal details deleted (not sure exactly how it works, i just ticked boxes) any problems PLEASE let me know x.


i need to do a nice little housekeeping update for the distro including a little bit of new stock i’m nervous about and i’m almost done with the obligatory lockdown issue of my zine (changes approaching, i’m changing the name!) and there’s two other zines i’m really close to finishing, but i also have a bunch of other projects too (like home improvement and sewing things) so who knows how i get on.

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