crowdfunder alert: a fundraiser for a photocopier for vampire hag distro.

i’m doing a fundraiser to raise money to get me & vampire hag distro an actual photocopier, a multifunctional printer that does printing, scanning and photocopying. i haven’t had easy access to affordable printing for at least three years and it shows in my zine productivity) i had been saving up for about a year and i almost had enough for a ‘cheap’ £200 laser mf printer but then my teeth happened and i ended up spending the money i had saved up on getting them fixed (it’s finally done now!) while tabling on 3 hours of sleep at northwest zine fest at the end of last month i suddenly thought to myself, “oh wait! i could do a crowdfunding thing for printer money!” and everyone i talked to about this idea was like “YES DO IT”, so here we are.

the original target was £412 because that’s how much my dream printer is at the moment, but who knows, it might change. it actually went up £50 while i was getting the crowdfunder page ready to launch.

this printer ain’t just gonna be for my pleasure. i’ve had several zinester suggest they send me the flats for their zines and i make copies because of overseas postage being so expensive or just _the effort of making more copies_ but so far i’ve had to say no because as i said, no easy/affordable access to printing. but i also hope to offer some zine printing services to marginalised zinesters, zinesters who don’t have access to printing and/or need help getting their zine ready to print = making flats etc.

i’ve got some (hopefully) cool rewards for the supporters of my crowdfund, like thank you stickers & postcards, zines, distro vouchers, custom portraits by me and zine printing services!

crowdfunder accepts “all major international credit/debit cards” and you don’t have to be in the UK to pledge (here’s their FAQ for supporters, if you have any concerns) but if you want to support us and can’t use the crowdfunder website, or just don’t want to use it, you can also send a donation via paypal, and you can still request one of the rewards. either send the ££ to (friends & family is preferred because fees but not required) or through any questions, email me (same address) or use one of the vampire hag social media platforms. (though twitter or email is probably your best bet)

it’s taken me forever to write this blog post and the crowdfunder has already been like 105% funded for a while as i finally actually post this, WOW. i feel a bit awkward still pushing this when it is technically all funded and stuff. i have enough for the printer itself. but i do also need to buy paper and a guillotine and maybe something to put the printer on (i’m still figuring out where it should go, we got a new to us sofa the other week that takes more space than we expected and we had to move other stuff around and in the process i lost to space i had intended for it. oops.) i’ve set a stretch goal of £555 (an extra £143) because an ultra high yield black ink cartridge is £110 (it prints approx 8000 pages) and having a spare would be pretty nice. and besides plain white paper, i would like to have some pastel papers too, ideally at least lilac (my fave), green and blue. probably also pink and maybe yellow, but maybe i should chill with all the plans.

i set up the crowdfunder for 6 weeks because i honestly didn’t think i’d raise enough in a shorter time, but oops it was 100% funded in less than a week, and there’s still 3 weeks left. i have considered ending it early because i’m impatient but our place is actually a mess and we need to move some more stuff around and ugh, but that’s a whole other thing.