new distro + new zine + new home

ugh i have a lot of stuff to talk about again but i’m just going to start with the most important thing and maybe i’ll do a post about the other stuff later if i get around it.

so first of all, obviously i have moved this blog. because i changed the name of my zine distro recently and it has a lovely new website! (so obviously i moved the blog to the new domain) i finally finished fiddling with the website and settings and re-launched the distro on thursday.

yep! there’s lots of new zines (and some of those have already sold out cos there were only a couple left after tabling at Weirdo Zine Fest) and badges and stickers, and it’s all very exciting. i’ve already had a nice pile of orders in the last few days and it’s been nice, because for the last year the distro had been really quiet with orders and actually receiving orders makes me feel like there’s a point to me doing this. it’s not even a money thing. but hopefully it will continue later on and it’s not just a launch rush or something.

related to the distro launch AND zines, i have a new zine out! i finished your pretty face is going straight to hell #25 a few weeks ago, and you can buy one from the distro, or my etsy shop if you prefer etsy for some reason. this one is about working from home, my little zine distro, being bad at horror movies despite being a self proclaimed spooky princess, and making grand plans and having too high expectations for 2019. i feel good about this zine and how i made it, unlike some of my other recent issues. i didn’t feel like i rushed it to finish it in time for a zine fest, even though i made it in the space of two or three weeks and in time for a zine fest. seems weird but i guess i had things i wanted to talk about and i actually finished flats almost two days before i was planning to go to the printers. i dont think that has EVER happened, i’m always staying up until 3am finishing that last page. but nah, i finished it sunday afternoon, with plans to go to the printers on tuesday (ended up going wednesday instead) so yeah anyway, i’m actually super happy with how this issue turned out and i feel like i’m making zines properly again, whatever that means.