LOCO CABARET – february 2019 edition.

it’s been a while and there’s some blog posts i’ve been meaning to post but editing photos and videos is ~*effort*~ and then i never finished because i didn’t know what the best way to do shit was and didn’t bother to figure out anything.

february 15th was the night of loco cabaret, my actual favourite. i’ve only missed one since i started going last february. loco cabaret is a local alternative burlesque and drag show and it’s usually every two months (though lately they’ve changed the schedule and i missed the may show cos i was in swansea, and i will also be missing the june show cos i’ll be in finland, but more about that another time) at the february show i didn’t take that many photos because i was making videos, but here’s some of the best bits + the videos edited together into one half hour lump real quick..

olivia nuclear bomb ??

freida nipples ? ?